Sinkhole, take me now.

Something about Jude Sharpe makes me wish for a sinkhole to swallow me up—just so I’d stop embarrassing myself in front of him. Maybe it’s those intense green eyes or the sculpted muscles and towering frame that scream hunky lumberjack, or maybe it’s the way his quiet stare has me babbling incessantly.

I’m just trying to focus on resuscitating my landscape design business since I moved back home. I’m a total mess after what happened in Seattle, and I don’t need some sexy, tall drink of water distracting me from getting my act together. Haunted by my past, I’m not ready to be with anyone.

So, when I find myself working closely with Jude at a romantic cliffside property, I’m determined to ignore his magnetic pull and focus on the work. But the way he looks at me has my cheeks flushing and my flirt cranked up to eleven!

Whatever is brewing between us, I’ve got another major problem: my ex won’t stop harassing me—and his unhinged behavior is escalating. As the fire burns quick and hot with Jude, the reality of my past rears its ugly head and I have to dig deep for the courage to either let him in or risk losing everything.

Hey Jude is the first book in the Lennox Valley Chronicles series. It features mature content intended for readers aged 18 and up.

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